What is the Most Precious Gem in the World?

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One of the main characteristics which separates humans from other creatures, aside from intelligence, is the way we perceive beauty. Rather than accepting ourselves for what we are, we try to embellish our appearance in every way possible, no matter how much it costs us. Jewelry is probably the most desired beauty enhancer and the more precious a gem is, the better. However, what truly defines a precious gem? It is its rarity, brilliance or size? Lets take a look at some of the most expensive gemstones in the world and see what makes them so special.

  • The rarest gemstones

The more hard to find a precious gem is, the more expensive its price per carat is going to be. On that note, the most expensive gemstone in the world is the jadeite which is priced at over $3 million per carat. This gemstone is usually green but the shade of the green can differ from apple green to emerald or bluish green. Other very expensive precious stones are: the red diamonds ($2-$2.5 million per carat), the Serendibite ($1.8-$2 million per carat), the Blue Garnet ($1.5 million per carat), the Grandidierite ($100,000 per carat), the Painite ($50,000-60,000 per carat), the Musgravite ($35,000 per carat), the Bixbite ($10,000 per carat), the Black Opal ($2,355 per carat) and the Jeremejevite ($2000 per carat).

  • The biggest and most precious stones in the world

Size is also an important characteristic of precious stones but only when it is proportionate to the value of the gem. For example a smaller diamond is more precious than a bigger ruby. On that note, there are several size/value gemstones which are known around the world. The list starts with the Koh-i-Noor Diamond, a British Crown Jewel which weights 186 carats. An other impressive precious gem is the Millennium, a football-sized carved sapphire which is worth no less than $180 million. Dom Pedro is the World’s Biggest Aquamarine Gem. It has an obelisk shape and has a length of 14 inches and weights 10,363 carats. However this is nothing compared to the world’s largest luminous pearl which weights six tons, measures 1.6 meters in diameter and is estimated to be worth $301.197 million. Other mentionable precious gems are the The Graff Pink diamond, the Ethereal Carolina Divine Tourmaline, a massive uncut 478-carat diamond, the Bahia emerald and the The Moussaieff Red, the largest Fancy Red Diamond.

As you can see, when it comes to digging for beauty, people will stop at nothing in order to reveal the beauties created deep within earth’s core. Some of these gemstones are not really appropriate for cocktail outfits but they are pretty impressive and for some unknown reason we can’t help but stare at them.