Types of Jewels and Gems

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Gemstones, precious stones, jewels and gems, are all popular names used to describe mineral pieces which are cut and polished in order to be used in various jewelry pieces. Although most such stones have a mineral origin, there are certain rocks that are not made from minerals and yet are still considered to be gems. Jewels are valued according to their weight (measured in carats), rarity and purity. Lets take a look at some of the main types of jewels. The main jewels and gems classification is diamonds and colored stones; in other words, diamonds and the rest of the pretty stones.

  • Diamonds

These gems are made from carbon atoms which are compressed at very high temperatures within the Earth’s mantle. They are often brought to the Earth’s surface through volcanic eruptions. Diamonds are the hardest and most thermally conductive of all known natural materials. In the world of jewelries, the value of a diamond is given by the four Cs: carat, cut, clarity and color.

  • Colored stones

The difference between precious and semi precious stones was emphasized at the beginning of  the 19th century. Although this difference exists, it doesn’t always mean that precious stones are more valuable than the semi precious ones. There are many semi precious jewels like opal or jade which are more expensive than certain precious jewels. The prices are usually set according to the rarity of the stone.

  1. Precious jewels and gems. The most high valued precious jewels are the sapphires, the emerald, the coral, the pearl, the hessonit, the jadeite and the ruby. The classification of colored stones into precious and semi precious has suffered numerous modifications over the years and it often has to do with certain cultures and traditions. Throughout history rubies and sapphires were often considered to be more precious than diamonds. The Indian people consider the ruby to be the king of all precious stones while the Chinese value the jade above anything else. Worldwide, the most expensive precious gem is the jadeite, one of the two types of jade. Its price per carat can even reach $3 million.
  2. Semi Precious jewels and gems. The most well known semi precious gemstones are the opal, the tanzanite, the aquamarine, the rhodolite, the amethyst, the garnet, the citrin, the topaz, the quarts and so on. Semi precious stones are sold around the globe at affordable prices. As a marketing tool, jewelry makers often advertize them according to their symbolic meaning, correspondence to zodiac signs, mystical and healing properties.

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