Types of Earrings

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Earrings are one of the most popular jewelry items. There are countless models which can complement various outfits or even face features. For example, long earrings are very nice for framing the face and they are suited for women with long hair as well as women with short hair. If you are a jewelry lover, you need to know the main types of earrings. One piece can fall under several categories, depending on its style.

  • Types of earrings according to their backs

Based on the way they close, earrings fall in 6 categories: fish hook, screw back, lever back, french back, latch back and push back. The fish hook is probably the most popular style as it is easy to wear and very comfortable. The upper part of the earring is shaped like a hook which goes through the ear loop. The screw back is more difficult to put on but it is more secure which is why it is usually found in expensive jewelry pieces. The lever back is similar to the fish hook, the main difference being the enclosure which latches behind the ear. The French, also known as the Omega, has a post which goes through a loop in the back of the ear. The latch back features a hinged backing and it has a post which passes through hoops. The push back, also known as the butterfly, is also very popular and it features a post behind the ear. There are also two less known earring backs which are usually found on longer earrings: the kidney and the threaded style. The kidney is used at medallion earrings. It is different from other earring styles because the closing is done way bellow the ear. The threaded style works for chain earrings and it doesn’t have an actual closing; you just pass a thin chain through the ear piecing.

  • Types of small earrings

Small earrings are usually preferred by women which wear short hairstyles. The most popular small earrings style is the stud which can feature one gem, a pearl, a metal ball or any other small element. Other popular types of small earrings are the huggies (very small hoops which hug the ear lobe), the tear drops and dangles.

  • Popular types of big earrings

The most popular types of big earrings are the hoops, the chandeliers and the chains. The oldest model is the hoop which has been used even by primitive tribes. Chandeliers are the most sophisticated models and they come in various styles and sizes. The chain earrings are probably the most practical earrings because they are very delicate and they work with all types of hairstyles and outfits. There are many more other styles, some of which are so unique that they don’t fall under any category.

  • Types of earrings for every face shape

The main face shapes are oval, round, diamond, heart, square and narrow. Women with oval faces are the most lucky ones as they can away with any hairstyle and any type of earrings. Round faces should avoid very small earrings and should choose models which make the face seem longer. Adequate earrings for this face shape include dangle earrings, chandeliers, pear drops, chain earrings and so on. Women with heart faces need to create the illusion of volume in the lower part of the face and they should mainly choose chandelier models. Square faces are beautifully complemented by earrings featuring round designs which soften the face features. On the other hand, narrow faces look gorgeous with small, delicate earrings such as dangling pearls. Last but not least, diamond shaped faces should focus on long and curvy models such as dangles and hoops.

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