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First Communion Tiaras

Communion tiaras come in various shapes: The most popular such tiaras are of course the rhinestone ones. However, if you are looking for a more special design, you could try a Celtic tiara or even a flower wreath. Furthermore, if you are a crafty mum, you might also try to make your daughter’s tiara.

The Kokoshnik Tiara Style

A Kokoshnik tiara is a a precious head piece shaped like a crest which is inspired by the Russian kokoshnic style. This style refers to a tall head piece which was worn in order to complement the traditional sarafan. In this article, we approach two infamous such tiaras which belong to two different royal families.

DIY Tiara

A diy tiara can be a fun project for Halloween or a costume party. The most popular tiara styles are the Celtic and the Princess. Both can be done by modeling wire and then embellishing them with beads. You don’t have to follow a step by step tutorial. You just need to know how to start and then let your imagination go crazy.

Royal Tiaras of Queen Elizabeth II

The most infamous royal tiaras are the ones from the private collection of Queen Elizabeth II. In this article we cover three of her gorgeous tiaras: the Delhi Durbar Tiara, the Queen Mary Fringe Tiara and the The Vladimir Tiara. All three are gifts received or inherited from Queen Mary who was well known for her passion for precious head pieces.