The Ring Size Chart – How to Find the Right Ring Size?

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When it comes to buying gifts for women, men are pretty clueless. They can mess up even when it comes to the most important gift, the engagement ring. Because this has been a problem for a long time, jewelry manufacturers developed a ring size chart. This chart is very precise and it saves men a lot of trouble when buying rings. However, the chart can differ in various areas of the world. Therefore, if you order online from foreign companies or you buy a ring from another country, you may have the bad luck of getting the wrong ring size. Lets see how these problems can be avoided.

  • Ring size chart

A chart like this can be found on the internet or at local jewelry shops. What it does is assign a size number or letter for each type of finger. The US sses sized from 0 to 16 but other countries use a different system. Most of Asia uses sized from 1 to 26, India uses sizes from 0 to 37 and the United Kingdom and a few other countries use letter sizes.

  • Ring size charts and conversions

The internet is full of information from most fields of interest. As a result, you can even find online ring size converters. These converters are useful tools which can help you avoid the troubles of buying a ring which does not fit. If you know the ring size you have in your country, you can use an online converter in order to know your ring size in all parts of the world.

  • Printable ring sizer

This is probably the best way to determine your ring size. What you do is use a paper strip (a string also works) in order to determine the width of your finger. If you use a paper strip, it should be about 2,5 in. wide. Wrap it around your finger and make sure that it can slide up and down the knuckle. Make a mark on the paper in order to determine how large the ring should be and then use a ruler in order to measure the paper.  If you want to surprise someone, you can use this method on a ring which that person owns.

  • Useful tips

A ring size chart is pretty straightforward and if you use a paper strip, there are very few chances of making a mistake. However, in order to make sure that you don’t make any mistakes, it is better to hand on to that paper strip. Furthermore, as a man, if you are buying a ring for your fiance make sure that you measure the right ring. Women have multiple rings which fit different fingers. Most women wear rings on their middle fingers which are thicker than the ring finger. Keep this in mind before making an important investment. You can always get a ring fitted but that ruins some of the magic.



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