The Kokoshnik Tiara Style

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When it comes to royal jewelries, there are numerous styles and currents. It is very common for jewelry to be fashioned in styles borrowed from around the world. The kokoshnic style is a Russian term and it refers to traditional head pieces word as adornments for the sarafan. In Rusia, the kokoshnik was traditionally worn by married women but that tradition is not always followed by foreign royalties who have implemented the kokoshnik in their jewelry collections. There were many types of kokoshniks but in time, this name was associated with a certain tall head piece shaped like a crest. Although the term also refers to an architectural style, today we will dedicate our attention to the kokoshnik tiara. There have been numerous such tiaras worn by various royalties, but today we will discuss only two of those tiaras.

  • Queen Alexandra’s Kokoshnik Tiara

This fortress of diamonds is currently part of the private jewelry collection of Queen Elizabeth II. This particular tiara was made in 1888 when the Prince and Princess of Wales, the future kind and queen, were celebrating their silver anniversary. Needless to say that an occasion like this called for extravagant gifts. The Ladies of Society, wanted to give the future queen a special tiara and in order to make sure that they would give her something which she would truly love, they asked her how she would like the tiara to be. Princess Alexandra asked for a tiara in the kokishnik style which was very popular at the time.

Queen Alexandra’s tiara features 61 platinum bars which contain no less than 488 diamonds. The largest two diamonds have 3,25 carats each. The tiara was passed on to Queen Mary after Queen Alexandra’s death and it was later passed on to Queen Elizabeth II in 1953. Ever since then, it has been a part of the Queen’s private collection of jewelries. Despite the fact that this tiara is not the biggest nor the most valuable tiara in the Queen’s collection, it was worn on multiple occasions. Perhaps it is the rich history of the tiara which makes it so special, the fact that it was worn by two other queens or the fact that it was a gift from the realm. No matter the reason, one thing is for sure: this tiara is one of a kind.

  • The Swedish Aquamarine Kokoshnik Tiara

When it comes to royal figures, the British are probably the most popular. However, there are still many monarchies around the world and they are known for their excellent leadership as well as their amazing displays of royal glamor. The Swedish Aquamarine Tiara is another beautiful head piece which was inspired by the kokoshnik style. Its most recent appearance was on the head of Princess Margaretha at the wedding of her niece, Victoria, in 2010. The maker of this amazing headpiece is unknown and so is the date when this tiara became a part of the private jewelry collection of Princess Margaretha. However, we do know that she inherited the aquamarines in 1972 and she worn them on numerous occasions. Still, the last time the tiara was worn before the 2010 wedding was in 1998. Why Princess Margaretha would choose not to wear this gorgeous tiara for 12 years is still a mystery.

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