The Elusive Red Emerald

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The red emerald is also known as red beryl. The beryl is a mineral made of beryllium, cyclosilicate and aluminum. Although this name is less known to jewelry lovers, the beryl is actually a vary valuable stone. Its varieties include: the aquamarine, the maxixe, the emerald, the golden beryl, the goshenite, the morganite and the red beryl.

  • Rarity of the red beryl

The red emerald is a rather rare stone which also makes it a very valuable jewel. This gem has only been found in a few locations such as the Wah Wah Mountains, Paramount Canyon, The Beaver County and the Juab County in Utah and the Sierra County in New Mexico. Due to the fact that this stone is so rare, its price per carat can even reach $10,000. In the Wah Wah Mountains, red beryls were discovered about 50 years ago and so far, less than 60,000 red beryl carats have been cut for jewelry purposes. Despite the fact that these jewels are also found in a few other locations, the mine from the Wah Wah mountains is the only one which mines top quality red beryls.

  • How are they made

Red emeralds require certain special conditions in order to be made which is why they are so rare. In the Wah Wah mountains, these conditions were created when lava flowed over an area which had ground water. As the lava was cooled by the water, it formed rock cracks which worked as a pathway for hot gases which brought the red beryl crystals to the surface of the earth. In order for the crystals to be made, they also required a very narrow temperature.

  • Characteristics

Due to the fact that the red emerald require such unique creation conditions, they also come in very small shapes. Most red beryls weight less than one carat and the bigger one ever cut weighted 4 carats. The red beryl and the emerald share a lot of gemological characteristics as they both have a type III clarity and similar inclusions. A lot of people argue that it is not right to call these jewels emeralds as the emerald word refers strictly to the green color. Yet if we consider the fact that sapphires are no longer just blue, we can also accept the fact that emeralds can be red. One thing is for sure: the red beryl is a rare and truly valuable gem.