Simple Crochet Necklace Pattern

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Crocheting is one of the most relaxing and most productive activities. If you are skilled with the crochet needles, you can design anything you like, from sweaters to earrings and necklaces. While women have been crocheting for a long time now, it was only in the last decade that they realized the full potential of this endeavor. Today we are going to give you a simple crochet necklace pattern which can be performed, even by the less experienced crocheters. If you follow the step by step instructions, you will have an original necklace in no-time.

  • The slip knot

This is the basic crochet move. Don’t be scared if you don’t know what a slip knot is as it is very easy to do. Start by looping the yarn around you left index finger, Next, you need to skip the yarn from your finger and hold the loop between your thumb and your index finger. Last, use the crochet hook and draw the loop up and around the hook. In order to tighten the knot, pull each of the ends in the opposite directions.

  • The crochet chain stitch

If you want to make a chain, you must bring the yarn over the hook and pull it through the slip loop on your hook. This procedure is called a yarn over. Grasp the short end of the yarn from a point a little below the slip knot. Pass the hook under the yarn and then over it, from back to front. Catch the yarn with the crochet hook and pull the hook and the yarn through the slip loop on your hook towards the shank. The size of each chain stitch is determined by the shank. This basic crochet skill can be used with more than one crochet necklace pattern. In fact, if you have a little imagination, you can make your own patterns. All that matters is to have fun doing it and sooner than you know it, you jewelry box will be filled with unique pieces.

  • Ideas for a simple crochet necklace pattern

If you want to make statement crochet necklaces, you need to make several chain stitches, preferably with different colored yarns. For example, you can make 12 chain strands in order to make a twisted brain necklace. First you need to tie the strands at the top so that the braid does not fall apart. Hold 6 strands in each hand and cross the left strands over the right ones. Now that the left strands are in the right side, give them three twists. Hold the twisted strands with your fingers so that they don’t fall apart and then cross the untwisted chains over the twisted ones. Now, you need to twist the untwisted chains as well and repeat the procedure until you finish the braid.

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