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Most Expensive Celebrity Engagement Rings

When it comes to engagement rings, the celebrities love to flaunt exorbitant jewelry pieces. Some celebrity engagement rings are so expensive that they even cost more than some celebrity cribs. Lets see which are the most expensive red carpet engagement rings.

Claddagh Ring Meaning

There is more than one Claddah ring meaning. This jewelry design is a symbol of the Irish culture but it is used across the world by various people. A certain tradition dictates that these type of rings must be give by mothers to their girls and the design of the ring and the way it is worn shows whether the girl is single or taken.

Is the Engagement Ring Too big? No problem! You can fix It!

If you are dealing with a “ring too big” situation, you should not despair as there are a lot of great solutions. Whether you have thick knuckles or your fingers tend to swell during the day, you can still avoid your ring flopping to one side. In this article we present the top 3 most useful solutions for this problem.

The Ring Size Chart – How to Find the Right Ring Size?

A ring size chart is a valuable tool, especially for men whose girlfriends or wives love to receive jewelry. In this article, we cover the basic chart sizes used across the globe and we also provide you with a few useful tips which will help you avoid the troubles of getting a wring ring.