Most Expensive Celebrity Engagement Rings

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When it comes to engagement rings, celebrities love to flaunt. For average people, spending a few thousands of dollars on a ring is a huge financial effort. However, this sum fades when we consider the most expensive celebrity wedding rings. Once could say that it is normal for famous people to spend a lot of money on jewelry because they’re incomes are also considerable. Still, is it normal for certain celebrity engagement rings to be more expensive than some celebrity houses. Lets take a look at the most expensive engagement rings and see which celebrities like to splurge.

The cheapest celebrity engagement rings

Despite the fact that most celebrities like to flaunt astronomically priced wedding rings, there are still a few grounded celebrities which know the value of money and the right amount of money to spend on jewelry. For example, the ring that Seal gave the gorgeous Heidi Klum cost only $150 000. Some may say that a goddess like Heidi deserves something better, but we can’t help but notice that the super model’s ring is very delicate and beautiful. After all, love isn’t measured in dollars. Other celebrities who prefer decent priced engagement rings are Carrie Underwood ($150,000), Britney Spears ($200,000), Kate Hudson ($200,000), Angelina Jolie ($250,000) and Reese Whiterspoon (250,000).

Most expensive engagement rings

When we talk about the most expensive celebrity engagement rings, we consider the ones which are priced above half a million dollars. We begin our list with Kate Middleton whose ring costs no less than $500, 000. Although we consider this to be an exorbitant price for a ring, we can agree on the fact that Kate is almost a princess so the price is somehow justified. Plus, if the ring was ever auctioned, we are sure that it’s value would be increased by the fact that it is a royal jewelry piece which was also worn by the late Princess Diana. Other celebrities who flaunt expensive engagement rings are Jennifer Garner ($500,000), Khloe Kardashian ($850,000), Hillary Duff, Katerine Zeta Jones ($2 mil), Kim Kardashian(first engagement ring- $2 mil), Mariah Carey (2,5 mil), Elizabeth Taylor ($2,5-3 mil), Jennifer Lopez (2,5$ mil).

La creme dela creme

We mentioned at the beginning of an article that certain celebrity engagement rings are so expensive that they trump the price of certain celebrity cribs. Such is the case of Beyonce’s engagement ring which is valued at $5 million. Another interesting engagement ring is the one that Kanye West gave Kim Kardashian. The value of the 15 carat diamond ring is still unknown but is rumored to be around $5 million.