List of Gems

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Theoretically, jewels are divided in two categories: diamonds and colored gemstones. Furthermore, the colored gemstones are also divided in two categories: precious jewels and semi precious jewels. However, the category of a stone doesn’t always determine the value of a stone and neither does it color. Each stone has unique characteristics which need to be evaluated in order to determine the value of a stone. In this article, we will provide you with a list of gems categorized according to their colors.

  • Red

The most intense colored jewels are the red ones and among them the most precious one is the ruby. While the ruby is believed to the king of all precious stones, there are also other beautiful red jewels such as the spinel, the garnet, the tourmaline, the andesine, the Rubellite Tourmaline and the Zircon.

  • Pink

There are many pink gems and they are all beautiful. The pink sapphire is a controversial gem since it has the characteristics of a ruby but due to its pink color it is considered to be more of a sapphire. Other interesting pink gems are the tourmaline, the spinel, the rhodolite garnet, the rose quartz, the kunzite and the morganite.

  • Blue

As far as the blue color goes, the list of gems has a lot of great choices. Sapphires are of course the most popular blue jewels but if you like this color you might also want to consider the aquamarine, the tanzanite, the blue topaz, the zircon, the spinel, the apatite, the lapiz lazuli, the paraiba tourmaline, the iolite, the rainbow moonstone, the kyanite, the agate and the fluorite.

  • Green

Another popular color for gemstones is green. The top element in this category is of course the emerald which is generally, but not always, the most valuable green gemstone. Other green jewels are the tourmaline, the paraiba tourmaline, the tsavorite garnet, the chrome diopside, the demantoid garnet, the peridot, the jade, the apatite, the sapphire, the prehnite, the aventurine, the agate and the ruby zoisite.

  • Yellow

As you probably noticed by now, certain jewels can have the same characteristics yet different colors. Such is the case of the sapphire, the zircon, the quarts and certain other jewels which can be blue, red, yellow and so on. Aside from the three mentioned above, there are also other popular yellow jewels such as the fire opal, the sphene, the orthoclase, the chrysoberryl, the berryl,the agate and the spondumene.

  • Orange

The most common orange gems are the spessartite garnet, the zircon, the sapphire, the fire opal, the tourmaline, the imperial topaz, the moon stone, the citrine, the sunstone, the sphalerite, the clinohumite and the andesite.

  • White

The white category of the list of gems includes the sapphire, the zircon, the moonstone, the topaz, the fire opal, the jade, the quartz and the agate.

  • Purple

Violet or purple colors can be found in amethysts, spinels, tourmalines, sapphires and chalcedonies.

  • Brown

When it comes to jewelry, women prefer gemstones with vivid colors which is why brown gemstones are not very popular. However, there are certain brown jewels which are quite breathtaking such as the imperial topaz, the agate, the tourmaline or the axinite.

  • Black

For those of you who like dramatic jewelry pieces, black is definitely a color which you should consider.
The list of black jewel contains the onyx, the agate, the sapphire and the star sapphire.

  • Rainbows

What can be more beautiful than a jewel with an intense color? The answer if of course multicolored jewel such as the tourmaline, the fluorite, the opal, the sphene, the andalusite, the sapphire, the mystic topaz and the mystic quartz.