Is the Engagement Ring Too big? No problem! You can fix It!

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When it comes to a marriage proposal, men (the good men at least) bend over backwards in order for everything about that moment to be perfect. True, their best efforts are not always what a woman dreams about, but we have to appreciate their efforts. If there is one thing that they cannot completely control, that is the size of a ring. Even if a man measures your ring finger, it is still possible to have a “ring too big” situation. This is due to the fact that certain women have knuckles which are a lot bigger than the upper size of the finger. So today, we are going to give you a few tips in order to adjust the size of the ring so that it doesn’t flop to the side.

  • Solution no. 1 : Cushion Solution

The solution we are going to present you is very helpful for women with bigger knuckles or for women who have finger swelling problems. There is a product, called Cushion Solution, which is very easy to use and very efficient. The product is in the shape of a tube and it contains a solution which starts fluid but dries over night. When it dries, it has a rubbery texture so it is firm but somehow flexible. You apply this product on the inside of the ring, mainly on the lower side, and leave it overnight to dry. If your finger swells during the day, you can strip on the rubbery fabric and you can put another strip back on if the finger starts swelling again. This product is completely safe. It wont hurt your skin and it won’t damage precious metals either.

  • Solution no. 2 : Ring Guard

If you can’t find the product presented above or you don’t think it is comfortable, there are other solutions for a “ring too big” situation. A ring guard is a plastic ring adjustment. It is placed on the lower, inner size of the ring. The plastic is reasonably flexible and durable. This solution is cheaper since you don’t have to replace it on a daily basis. However, the plastic can sometimes be visible. A more visually pleasant solution is a metal ring guard (the metal must be the same as the one the ring is made from). This type of ring guard is basically a metal strip which is adjusted by a jeweler on the inside of the ring. The guard can slip up and down the ring in order for the ring to be a perfect fit for your finger, at all times of the day.

  • Solution no. 3:  Band Aids

Band Aids are the cheapest solution for a ring too big situation. However this is but a temporary solution and you should not rely on it too often. Still, if you have an urgent situation, you can use this method. All you have to do is stick the band aid on the inside of the ring and use nail scissors in order to cut out the excess strip.