Friendship Bracelet Designs

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Friendship bracelets are very trendy right now and the great thing about them is that they can be made at home by anyone who has some colored strings and a little dexterity. There are numerous friendship bracelets designs, each one more beautiful than the other. If you want to do try making these type of bracelets, you shouldn’t adventure yourself with complicated designs from the very beginning. Instead, try out some beginner patterns and move on to complicated patterns as your skill evolves.

  • Types of knots

There are four main types of knots which you must master in order to make friendship bracelet. The forward knot is the most simple one. You take one string, you form a 4 shape around the next string, pull the fist string under the second string and then pull it through the 4 shaped loop. Then you hold the second string towards you and you pull on the first string, which is now knotted around the second string, towards the right side until the knot climbs to the top of the string. Each type of knot must me made twice on the same string. The backwards knot is similar, except you tie the right string around the left string, you form an inverted 4 shape and you pull the knot up towards the left side. A forwards backwards knot means that you first make a forwards knot and then a backwards knot on the same string.

  • Beginner friendship bracelets

The striped bracelet is by far the easiest one of all the friendship bracelets designs. Despite the fact that this bracelet is very easy to do, it can be very pretty, especially if you use quality embroidery floss in multiple colors. In order to do this bracelet, the only thing you must master is the basic forward knot. To do a bracelet like this you need to cut your strings so that each one has the approximate length of your stretched arm. You tie them all together at one head and you start knotting. Starting from the left side, you take on string and you knot it on each of the other strings.

The Chevron is another beginner pattern. In order to do it, you arrange your strings in two sides. The right side of strings must be a mirrored image of the left side. For example if you want the chevron to have only red, green and yellow you arrange the strings like this: the first string is red, the second one is green and the third one is yellow, the fourth string is also yellow followed by green and red. You take the red string and do the forwards knot around the second and the third string. You then take the last red string, from the right side and you do the backward knot on the green and then the yellow strings near it.

  • More complicated friendship bracelets designs

Once you master the beginner patterns you can move on to the intermediate patterns which are the Greek wave, the diamond, the arrow shape, the zig zag and so on. Most intermediate friendship bracelet designs have a pattern for the first 10 rows of knots after which the pattern repeats itself until the end of the bracelet. As far as the hard friendship bracelets designs go, the pattern might never repeat itself until the end of the bracelet or it can combine several patterns into one. The intermediate and the hard bracelets are harder to do and very difficult to remember so, it is best if you keep a pattern in front of you in order to not make any mistakes.