First Communion Tiaras

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The first communion is a very special event in the life of a roman catholic. It has a very deep religious meaning and numerous traditions which have been followed for a long time. One of the most important traditions is the dress code. While boys can get away with a simple suit, little girls normally wear bridal outfits which consist of white gowns, gloves, flowers and a tiara. The communion tiara is the second most important element after the dress. Needless to say that such a head piece will make any girl feel like a princess. If you are looking for inspiration for this type of tiara, we have gathered the most beautiful styles.

  • Rhinestone tiara

This type of communion tiaras are by far the most popular ones because they are delicate, sparkly and they work with various types of hairstyles. However in order to properly wear this tiara, you should consider styling the hair of your little girl in a ballerina bun. This way, her delicate face features will be revealed and you can use the tiara in order to embellish the bun. These type of hairstyles are great, especially for energetic girls who like to play a lot. So if your little girl is a bundle of energy, this hairstyle and this tiara are your best options.

  • Celtic tiara

Although most communion tiaras have that western princess look, if you want your daughter to have a more special appearance, you could try a Celtic tiara. This type of head piece works great with delicate curls and it will give your daughter an angelic appearance. This tiara is also a lot cheaper than rhinestone tiaras since it has little embellishments and cheap materials. Still, the model is as lovely as it is simple, and you should definitely consider this style.

  • Flower wreath

The flower wreath isn’t exactly a tiara but it is a great option for the first communion. This head piece can work with any hairstyle but it works best with lazy curls. The main advantage of this headpiece is that it is very light and it can be fixed easily with the help of hair pins. Unlike heavier communion head pieces, it is easy to wear and if you fix it right, it will stay in position the whole day.

Communion tiaras are rather affordable but if you are a crafty mum, you can try to make your daughter’s tiara. You will require a tiara base, which you can find at craft stores but you can also use a head band. As long as you embellish it with plenty of beads, any tiara can look beautiful.