DIY Tiara

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Tiaras are beautiful headpieces which are usually suited for special occasions like first communion, sweet sixteen, wedding and so on. As these occasions are very few, women are constantly looking for reasons to wear them which is why they disguise themselves as princesses or fairies for Halloween. The tiara prices depends on the quality of the head piece as well as on the used materials. As such, you can find very cheap tiaras in various costume shops or even in cheap wedding shops. However, if you are a crafty person and you are looking for a particular tiara model, you should know that you can easily make a tiara yourself. All you need are the proper supplies and some simple instructions.

  • Elfish tiara

If you are a fan of elfish jewelry, a style inspired by the Celtic culture, you will be amazed to see that you can make yourself an elfish tiara with minimum effort. The first thing you are going to need for this diy tiara is a piece of wire. The wire must be thin enough in order to be bent easily. However, if shouldn’t be so thin that it is effortlessly bent because you will run the risk of the tiara model being ruined. The length of the wire depends on the complexity of the tiara model but generally it should be long enough to be wrapped around your head 3 times. The color of the wire doesn’t matter too much because you can always spray paint the tiara when you are done. Start by bending the wire in the middle and twist both sides in order to create a loop. The loop will be the frontal part of the tiara which slides in the middle of the forehead. Now you can make different sized loops on each side of the tiara. You can add beads if you want or you can glue them all when you are done. You can go as crazy as you want with the wire loops but you should try to make the two sides symmetrical.

  • Princess tiara

This type of diy tiara can be made in various ways. You can buy a tiara base and decorate it or you can make the tiara from scratch. In order to make it you will also need wire. However this model isn’t done with loops but rather with wraps. You first bend the wire in order to create the base of the tiara and then you can wrap thinner wire around the tiara. The beauty of working with thinner wire is that you can pull the wire directly through beads in order for the beads to be integrated in the design rather than being glued on. You can also make a cardboard tiara base, wrap in in silk and then sew various beads on it.

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