DIY Bib Necklace Ideas

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Everybody knows what a bib is but few people understand what a bib necklace is. This type of necklace is often associated with statement necklaces. However, the statement necklace can have any shape, whereas the bib needs to be shaped like a bib. There are many more other terms which refer to this necklace such as the waterfall necklace, the collarette, the fringe necklace or the strap necklace. Lately, these type of accessories have conquered the catwalks and inevitably, the hearts of the celebrities. However, you don’t have to spend a lot of money in order to get your hands on such a necklace. There are many diy bib necklace ideas which you can try. Lets take a look at the cutest ones.

  • 1. Leftover accesories

If you have some broken jewelry pieces, brooches or even vintage buttons for which you have no use, you can combine them all and create your own statement necklace. For this diy bib necklace, you need a piece of felt which you must cut in a bib shape. Once you do that, you ornate the felt with your leftover jewelry pieces. The bigger they are, the better the necklace will look. As far as the closing mechanism goes, there are two ways in which you can work this necklace. You can either use the chain and clasp from an old necklace or bracelet or you can sew a ribbon on each side of the bib and use a simple knot as a closing mechanism. If you don’t have any jewelry leftovers, you can go to the craft store and purchase some large, colorful beads. Another interesting idea is to sew some thin chain strands at the base of the bib.

  • 2. Waterfall bib

In order to make this type of necklace, you need to make a trip to the craft store and purchase either some strands of beads or some thin chains. What you do is use one chain or strand of beads as the main necklace and then you attach the rest of the chains or strands in order to create the waterfall effect. It is better if the chains are longer in the middle and shorter towards the edges.

  • 3. Collar necklace

The collar isn’t actually a bib but a lot of people refer to collar necklaces as bib necklaces so we will make our piece with it and present you this gorgeous idea. The first thing you need is an old shirt with a steady collar. It is better to use a man shirt because the collar is bigger and stiffer. Once you cut the collar our, you start decorating it. You can use sequins, buttons, beads or anything you think might look good on it. You can also use glitter but unless you use top quality glue and you carefully clean off the excess glitter, you run the risk of sparkling up all your clothes. If you want a simpler necklace, you can just attach a vintage brooch on a red collar.

A bib necklace is a great way to add some style and personality to an outfit. Whether or not you are a crafty person, these necklaces can easily be done at home. All you need is the right inspiration which we hope to have provided with these diy bib necklace ideas.

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