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Famous Royal Gems

Royal gems have always delighted the public who is enchanted by their majesty and their controversial history. In this article, we discuss two of the most infamous royal gemstones which are known all over the world: the Hope Diamond and the Culinan Diamond.

What is a Ruby Gem?

If you are wondering what is a ruby gem, you need to learn about the composition of this jewel, its color characteristics, value and alleged mystical properties. The ruby is considered to be the king of all gemstones and there was a time when such jewels were considered to be more precious than diamonds.

The Elusive Red Emerald

The red beryl is also known as the red emerald. This jewel shares a lot of characteristics with the emerald gem and they are both variations of the same mineral. These jewels are very rare and their price per carat can go as high as $10,000. However, they come in small sizes as the biggest red beryl only weights 4 carats.

Sapphire Color Chart and Characteristics

The sapphire color chart can be a useful tool for determining the value of a sapphire but a potential buyer must also consider the other characteristics of the jewel such as the inclusions. As far as the color goes, one must analyze the hue, the saturation and the tone of a jewel.

List of Gems

Gemstones fall into two major categories: diamonds and colored gemstones. Furthermore, colored jewels are also divided in two categories: precious and semi precious. The list of gems contains numerous jewels both precious and semi precious. In this article we have gathered the most popular jewels, based on their color.

Types of Jewels and Gems

Jewels and gems are classified into two main categories: diamonds and other colored stones. The colored stones are also classified into precious and semi-precious jewels. This classification dates back to the 19th century but it is not an indicator of the value of the stones but more of a generalization.

What is the Most Precious Gem in the World?

When it comes to price per carat, the jadeite is the most precious gem in the world as it costs over $3 million per carat. This value is given by the rarity of the gem. However, value can also be given by the size of a gem stone. A good example of that is the largest pearl in the world which weights six tons and is worth $301.197 million.