Claddagh Ring Meaning

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When it comes to jewelry, most people focus on the design and then on the value. As far as the design goes, few people care about the symbolism of the model. This is due to the fact that most jewelry designs are abstract and have no real meaning. However, there are certain jewelry designs which don’t just have an interesting meaning but also a powerful history. Today we are going to talk about the Claddagh ring meaning, origins and wearing tips.

  • Short history of the ring

The Claddagh ring design is a traditional Irish design. There are many legends and hidden symbolism of this design but for most people, the Claddagh ring meaning is rather simple: the hand represent friendship, the heart is the symbol of love and the crown stands for loyalty. According to certain historians, in Renaissance times, the pledged hands were a symbol associated with vows which is why these rings were also used as wedding rings. There are also certain types of Claddagh ring designs which don’t feature the crown and it is these rings which were most often used as wedding rings. There is actually a group that includes all ring designs which feature pledging hands. They are called fede rings and they were popular in many parts of Europe.

  • Fashion trend

Despite the fact that this ring design has been around for hundreds of years, its popularity reached its peak towards the end of the 20th century. Nowadays, there are many variations from the classic design. Furthermore, even the Claddagh ring meaning has been somehow modified as it became a sort of symbol if the Irish culture. Furthermore, these rings are also used as friendship rings, although their original purpose was inclined towards weddings.

  • How to wear the Claddagh ring

As you probably noticed, there is more than one meaning of the Claddagh design,  which is why there are also different ways of wearing this ring. For example, a certain tradition amongst Irish communities dictates that mothers should give these types of rings to their daughters. However, one must be careful when choosing the Claddah ring design. When the hands are angled towards the girl, it means that she is taken or engaged whereas if the heart is faced out, it means that the girl is single. Furthermore when the ring is worn with the heart towards the finger tip, this also suggests that the girl is single, whereas if the heart is pointed towards the girl, she is taken. It is generally worn on the right hand, but it can also be worn on the left hand if the girl is engaged.

  • Ring motto

The meaning of this ring design has also generated certain motto which are associated with it. For example, when it comes to the rings worn by single girls, the meaning of the rings is voiced out like this: I’ll give you my heart which is crowned with my love. Another motto associated with this ring is : Let friendship and love reign.

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