Button Necklace Ideas

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DIY jewelry has turned into a popular trend in the last few years. The main advantage of DIY jewelry pieces is that you can create unique and original jewelry items. One of the most simple and most playful such jewelry pieces is the button necklace. There are many ways in which you can make such a necklace. You can buy colorful or metallic buttons or you can use whatever you can find at home. Lets see what are the most popular types of such necklaces.

  • Simple Button Necklace

In order to make this type of necklace, you only need a string and some colorful buttons. If you want the necklace not to look as if it was made by a child, you can use a thin metallic chain which also has a clasp. Just slip the buttons on the chain through one of their holes. This model looks better with brightly colored buttons.

  • Long necklace with small buttons and beads

This bohemian necklace works best with small, old buttons. In order to make the necklace more durable, we advise you to use a fishing string. You can make the necklace as long as you wanted to be. Still, if you want it to stand out, it is better if you make it very long so that you can wrap it around your neck several times. Put small, colorful beads between the buttons in order to make it more interesting.

  • Collar necklace

In order to make this necklace, you will need the following items: buttons, felt, needle, string, ribbon. The ribbon must match the color of the felt. The first thing that you need to do is cut the felt in the shape of a vintage collar. Next, you cut the ribbon in two and stitch each piece to one of the collar’s ends. The ribbon will be used in order to tie the button collar around your neck so make sure that it is not too long. Last, stick the buttons closely together on the felt collar. You can make this necklace with all types of buttons. You can even combine vintage buttons and brooches in order to make it more interesting.

There are many ways in which you can design a button necklace. These are the most popular models but there are many more interesting ones. A great idea is to combine buttons with crochet elements. Usually, when it comes to button necklaces, the more buttons you use, the more interesting the necklace will be.

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