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The Indian Bangle

The Indian bangle style is popular across the world but few women are aware of the cultural meaning of this jewelry piece. In most parts of India, it is mandatory for married women to wear bangles and it is even frown upon if a women reveals her naked arm in public.

How to Wear Hand Jewelry

A loot has been said about the importance of wearing earrings and necklaces which complement one’s features. However, few women are aware of the proper way to wear hand jewelry. No matter how sophisticated a bracelet is, it will never look good if it does not match your hand’s size or your nail design.

Friendship Bracelet Designs

There are numerous friendship bracelets designs and they are ranked according to their difficulty level. An inexperienced person should start with the stripped and chevron pattern and advance to more difficult designs as their skill evolves. The intermediate and difficult designs must be done with the help of patterns.