First Communion Tiaras

Communion tiaras come in various shapes: The most popular such tiaras are of course the rhinestone ones. However, if you are looking for a more special design, you could try a Celtic tiara or even a flower wreath. Furthermore, if you are a crafty mum, you might also try to make your daughter’s tiara.

Most Expensive Celebrity Engagement Rings

When it comes to engagement rings, the celebrities love to flaunt exorbitant jewelry pieces. Some celebrity engagement rings are so expensive that they even cost more than some celebrity cribs. Lets see which are the most expensive red carpet engagement rings.

The Indian Bangle

The Indian bangle style is popular across the world but few women are aware of the cultural meaning of this jewelry piece. In most parts of India, it is mandatory for married women to wear bangles and it is even frown upon if a women reveals her naked arm in public.

Claddagh Ring Meaning

There is more than one Claddah ring meaning. This jewelry design is a symbol of the Irish culture but it is used across the world by various people. A certain tradition dictates that these type of rings must be give by mothers to their girls and the design of the ring and the way it is worn shows whether the girl is single or taken.

The Kokoshnik Tiara Style

A Kokoshnik tiara is a a precious head piece shaped like a crest which is inspired by the Russian kokoshnic style. This style refers to a tall head piece which was worn in order to complement the traditional sarafan. In this article, we approach two infamous such tiaras which belong to two different royal families.

Famous Royal Gems

Royal gems have always delighted the public who is enchanted by their majesty and their controversial history. In this article, we discuss two of the most infamous royal gemstones which are known all over the world: the Hope Diamond and the Culinan Diamond.

DIY Tiara

A diy tiara can be a fun project for Halloween or a costume party. The most popular tiara styles are the Celtic and the Princess. Both can be done by modeling wire and then embellishing them with beads. You don’t have to follow a step by step tutorial. You just need to know how to start and then let your imagination go crazy.

What is a Ruby Gem?

If you are wondering what is a ruby gem, you need to learn about the composition of this jewel, its color characteristics, value and alleged mystical properties. The ruby is considered to be the king of all gemstones and there was a time when such jewels were considered to be more precious than diamonds.

The Elusive Red Emerald

The red beryl is also known as the red emerald. This jewel shares a lot of characteristics with the emerald gem and they are both variations of the same mineral. These jewels are very rare and their price per carat can go as high as $10,000. However, they come in small sizes as the biggest red beryl only weights 4 carats.

How to Make Feather Earrings

Learning how to make feather earrings is very easy if you have the proper supplies. You need feathers, jump rings, a needle and 2 French hooks. The feathers must be top quality in order for the earrings to look nice. You can also make fake feather earrings made of leather.

How to Wear Hand Jewelry

A loot has been said about the importance of wearing earrings and necklaces which complement one’s features. However, few women are aware of the proper way to wear hand jewelry. No matter how sophisticated a bracelet is, it will never look good if it does not match your hand’s size or your nail design.

Sapphire Color Chart and Characteristics

The sapphire color chart can be a useful tool for determining the value of a sapphire but a potential buyer must also consider the other characteristics of the jewel such as the inclusions. As far as the color goes, one must analyze the hue, the saturation and the tone of a jewel.

Royal Tiaras of Queen Elizabeth II

The most infamous royal tiaras are the ones from the private collection of Queen Elizabeth II. In this article we cover three of her gorgeous tiaras: the Delhi Durbar Tiara, the Queen Mary Fringe Tiara and the The Vladimir Tiara. All three are gifts received or inherited from Queen Mary who was well known for her passion for precious head pieces.

List of Gems

Gemstones fall into two major categories: diamonds and colored gemstones. Furthermore, colored jewels are also divided in two categories: precious and semi precious. The list of gems contains numerous jewels both precious and semi precious. In this article we have gathered the most popular jewels, based on their color.

Types of Jewels and Gems

Jewels and gems are classified into two main categories: diamonds and other colored stones. The colored stones are also classified into precious and semi-precious jewels. This classification dates back to the 19th century but it is not an indicator of the value of the stones but more of a generalization.

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